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Hello all...I'm new also, need help with HDD Partitioning....

By TMartinus
Dec 30, 2004
  1. :confused: I have a 4 year old Compaq desktop that I decided to upgrade. I upgraded the RAM from 64M to 256M, and I installed Windows XP to get rid of the stupid Windows Me that was on here. The XP came with my new Dell laptop I just bought in June for my traveling... My problem is that when I bought this desktop in 2000, the Hardrive was partitioned in two... C drive and D drive. I put the new Windows XP on the D drive, and now the OS doesn't know to look to the C drive. How can I tell it to look at the C drive? Also, is the old Windows Me still on the D drive? I'm getting a message that says Drive D is low on space... Help!!!!!

    Drive C is 37GB, and D is 3GB
  2. silver threads

    silver threads TS Rookie

    XP D drive v C drive

    The problem might be that you have not made your D drive active. If you have not done this the computer will not look there and instead will look for your XP on the C drive which will have been the active drive for your previous OS. The easiest way around this is to install to your C drive instead.

    If you have not reformatted the C drive you may still have your previous operating system there and probably everything you saved previously will go to the C drive by default (unless you selected the D drive for these.) To check this, right click My Computer and open C drive to check what is there and save the files you still need on to a CD recordable, or rewritable. When you reformat the C drive you remove everything so back ups are essential. If you want to keep the same partition sizes, select C as the active one exclusively for your operating system and applications. When in My Computer open the D drive to see what is in it.

    Just noticed that your drive is partitioned C:37 Gig and D:3 gig. This seems a bit uneven. I have just partitioned my 40g drive C:35% and D:65% but I have run into problems with XP and have posted here for help. You can change the partition sizes using fdisk or keep them the same but definitely if you do not want to change the sizes, XP should go on to the C drive.

    I am not sure if you can install XP on a reformatted C drive while it is still installed on the D drive, or if you have to uninstall it first, maybe someone else can help here.
  3. lordx

    lordx TS Rookie Posts: 33

    Format your c drive
    After instal xp.If you dont have enough space on c: for xp(about 4 giga minimum) u can install it on d drive.No need to make d drive active the instaler will copy boot files on c drive (only few files ~1 mega)
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