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By Varsuuk
Dec 23, 2006
  1. Season's Greetings :) and happy holidays!

    I am s software developer from NYC. Married (as you will see in a problem post if you run across it - my wife is usually the impetus for these web searches on BSODs or viruses ;p) with our first child (I just turned 42, wife will before our son is born) on the way :)

    I have been mainly programming on Solaris (years ago) and Linux last 4 years or so vs Windows. At home I have always maintained at LEAST two current Win boxes and usually 1-2 Unix based guys for work as well.

    I used to be a hobbyist, even onto soldering and stuff. I got into computers on the Vic20 at school and then bought the C64 as soon as it was released and began my love of pcs. I ended up having to learn basic if I wanted to play more games cos all the stuff I would type in (dearth of games out) had errors ;) eventually I learned 6510 programming too. I even got a CPM cartidge for the guy...

    As time moved on, I got an Apple ][e and later Tandy 1000 and I assembled machines from broken multiple pcs etc. I started with Windows 2.1 (well after DOS for several years) but by the time Win3.0/95 came out I was pretty close to an expert (at least among the non pros)

    These days, by the time of late 98 I started losing touch with the OS a bit - mainly because my working carreer took up too much of my coding time to really 'poke around' and read docs on the OSs and 'issues'

    My logical thinking is still there but my domain knowledge is sorely lacking these days.
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    Welcome to Techspot Varsuuk! We can always use the help in answering questions on the forums, and you can always ask questions :)
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