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Hello and Help, Please!

By calichristine
Sep 1, 2006
  1. Hi! So I am not a major techie or anything but I like to think I know enough to take care of my computer. Recently my husband has encountered annoying pop-ups at every corner. Even when we're offline completely we get pop-ups!!! (and yes the modem is completely unhooked!) I think we have the Win 32 virus and can't get rid of it. I ran spybot and ad-aware in safe mode and they can't get rid of everything. I am so fed up I'm ready to just smash my computer into pieces. I'm so sick of these pieces of _YOU KNOW WHAT_ that get into our computers and mess with it. I would love to find a way to stick it to these people and put them in jail. Mess with their heads on a continual basis. I'm so freaking bitter. i can't go on the internet without a pop-up pertaining to what I am doing opening and minimizing my window so I might just close what i am doing. My computer tonight started to shut down and I didn't even click on one thing!

    To make matters worse I have some random "object" that has inherited permissions from it's "parent", which I assume is me, that has rights to all of my files on my computer. I can't find a way to get rid of this user.. not sure where the hell they are but i swear to you if I ever could find them I'd beat the living daylights out of them I'm so upset.

    Is there anyone out there that knows what the hell I am talking about? Please?!!??!

    I am normally the most sane and patient person but i am more fed up than I'd like to admit. I feel violent I am so mad. Please, some help somewhere would make my day.

  2. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    Go HERE and follow all the instructions exactly.

    Post a fresh HJT log as an attachment into this thread, only after doing the above.

    Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

    This thread is for the use of calichristine only. Please don`t post your own virus/spyware problems in this thread. Instead, open a new thread in our security and the web forum.
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