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By fticha
Feb 19, 2008
  1. I am new to TechSpot and want to say they have helped me with so many problems. For example, when trying to troubleshoot a problem if I search tech spot they always offer a solid response.


    Check Install Compatibility when installing XP to see if your system has the capacity. After fighting an error message setup is inspecting your computer's hardware configuration for almost a day, I just thought to try checking the System Install Compatibility at the install dialogue menu and i found that xp cannot upgrade from Windows ME! Who knew, maybe you, but not me?
  2. paltu

    paltu TS Rookie

    usb write protection

    Hey guys
    I had the same problem with my flash drive. Kept on looking for the solution on tech spot. None of the suggestions worked. In the end I found out that it was very easy. On back of the drive, there is a very small switch(very hard to see with naked eye). Just turn or move the switch to other side and try. It worked for me and hope it work for every body else.
  3. fticha

    fticha TS Rookie Topic Starter

    USB Write Protect

    I am familiar with the switch. Thanks
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