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By paulvrgolf
Jan 28, 2009
  1. I have a homemade computer which was great running win 78.
    Spec is AMD - K7 499 Mz with 512 Mb ram
    hdd is a quantum fireball ka 13.6
    video is nvidia fx5200
    power supply 300w Aopen

    The problem is I wiped the drive, f disked it and formatted so the install was clean.

    Win xp went through the installation quite well but at the last boot up of xp for the first time, the system started displaying the logo and then died, black screen.

    I can get it to boot in safe mode, checked for any problems no yellow indicators in the hardware setup.

    But what ever I do to boot Win xp properly the same result goes so far then just comes up with the black screen.

    Please help at my wits end.
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