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Hello Everyone

By Jboman
Dec 21, 2006
  1. Just wanted to introduce myself first time to TechSpot. I live in Michigan, work for a company providing IT Support, I love some sports, and married to a wonderful woman. I look forward to chatting to you all, and I know I will learn something new just by browsing the forums. Well, glad to make my acquaintance.

    I have an inquiry in hopes of getting a reply soon.

    Here is my first post and situation at hand.

    I have a similar situation as cowboy posted on 7-28-06 and 7-29-06.

    I have a emachine T2385 and one day attempting to boot-up it wouldn't.
    I assumed the PSU had went bad, so I ordered another one. After installing the new PSU the system wouldn't boot. The power supply works, but no power to the motherboard. I noticed the LED light was amber in color and just flashing. I switched out a PSU from a good working emachine of same model (TS2385) with same results. I should have done that first before purchasing the PSU. You live and learn, huh?

    I visited the emachine site to check out if any replacment motherboard's were available, no mobo's currently available, DANG! I called PARTS, and was told by a customer service person there are currently no replacment motherboards available for TS2385's, and I might as well throw it out, and buy a new PC.

    I was wondering if anyone knows where I can purchase a generic or replacment motherboard compatible for a emachine TS2385? Also, will need a compatible chipset as well.

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