Hello Everyone.

By PhoenixKeyBlack
Apr 3, 2007
  1. Hello everyone,

    My name is Phoenix, I'm 35 and I have owned a PC for about 6 years, I have only become aquainted with the internet in the last few months. I have tourettes and OCD, so I have avoided the internet because a: Pop Ups surprise me and make me tic. and b: The Internet just seems so untidy. I wish I hadn't avoided it for so long. . . It's Great.

    I must confess I have been gatecrashing for a few days to try and fix a PC problem, which I obviously won't be discussing here (Rules Is Rules), but the forums I have been visiting have been very helpful, (problem isn't fixed yet, but at least I know what it isn't), I thought I would say hello and thanks by joining and hopefully by adding my brain cells to the pack I may be able to help someone too.


    PS I didn't really understand the additional options below, so if I've done it wrong Sorry.
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