Hello Fom Linda Here In Horsham West Sussex UK

By Lindajayne
Nov 23, 2008
  1. Hello
    I am Linda and I just love all this new innovative visually and other wise seductive technology.Just wonderful to see fell and touch and interact with these new creative master pieces of design engineering.I am a Photoshop user and live on my laptop editing images and down loading pictures from my camera.I am always interested in new gadgets and having done a PC Techy A+ Course admire the advancements in the computer world.I do stand in WH Smiths feeling very self conscious that seem to be a lone women browsing all the new latest PC Magazines along with Photoshop Creative and Digital Camera mags amongst often three or four men who like me are there to read but not buy whilst eyeing up the next new piece of technology released and reviewed?
    I am enjoying every minute of speculating what ever may arrive next and excited to read about the next generation of PC's and laptops and anthing that is created that transforms us interlectually whilst we use employ and play like children on these very expensive but pleasurable toys and tools.
    Wo to the techy world,,its so much fun.

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