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By olefarte
May 10, 2003
  1. Since some others are doing it, I thought I'd tell a little on myself. I know everyones just been dying to know about me, but afraid to ask. HeHe.

    I've worked in the grain industry all my life. Among the high points, worked for a short while in Aqaba, Jordon, just before the first Persion Gulf war, one year in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, (great place), and seven years as manager of a rice mill in Port au Prince, Haiti, unil my plant was taken by the government at gunpoint, (now I could write a book on that place, very, very bad place to be). Now back living in my hometown working for an airconditioning manufacturing company.

    Hobbie/s are sitting in front of this computer and high end home theater/audio, the main joys in my life, and where all my money goes.

    57 years old, dumb as dirt, but you knew that already and my ears are burning. I hear *dumb a$$*??? Oh well.
  2. Nic

    Nic TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,549

    57, I guessed you were around that age from your name and those long drawn-out sentences in that autobiography you just posted (hehe), and actually, Im not that much younger myself, and you're certainly well travelled, having worked in more places abroad than I've had holidays, and believe me I've not had many (hehe). :D:D:D

    Oh, and before I forget, welcome to techspot olefarte, I hope you continue to enjoy your hobbies for many years to come. ;)
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