Hello from the Midwest

By Myste
Mar 22, 2008
  1. :wave: Hello from Kentuckiana...I'm in the iana part.

    I'm the wife of a 43yo computer geek and often get the job of researching his blue screen problems. I ran across your website via Google and fell in deep like. :approve:

    So, I registered and although I'm not a gamer anymore, the name I chose came from my old MajorMUD gaming days of a few years back. It was inspired by a three-book novel by Stephen R. Donaldson, the first being Mirror of Her Dreams.

    Today I'm simply a "geek-in-training" who introduced her hubby to the computer (back in the MajorMUD days again) and he's now rebuilding computers and teaching himself Visual Basic. It's really funny to think back to the day that he was afraid to touch the keyboard and would watch me when I wasn't looking. About a month after he got me a computer for Christmas, I had to argue just to go online and check email! :rolleyes:

    So, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Anyway, you all have a great site and I can usually find an answer that in layman's terms or close to it...and still techy enough to get my hubby's attention.

    Keep up the good work y'awl! :haha:

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