Hello from western australia

By brushy1
Jun 11, 2009
  1. New to Tech spot and hope to learn as I get used to posting and reading articles. I am close to 80 years old and new to forums.
    I was introduced to computers when I was a Locomotive maintainance man on a copper mine in Zambia, Central Africa in 1965. I had the job of putting all the old card index of spare parts for a fleet of locos dating from the 1930 to modern ones into a new IBM mainframe computer.
    The accounts department was new to this too....and that was why I didnt get paid for a few months as the young local girl had been putting tax files numbers as o instead of 0 .
    At that time a zero looked like a letter "o" but with a diagonal slash thro it.

    Hope to get some useful info from this site. Am now a retired Diesel Power Station engineer , married for 53 years and father of two and grandad to three..
    gooday to all . Bob Broome
  2. captaincranky

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    The "Little "IBM-gine" that Could... Eventually.....!

    Wow! Was this still steam? Narrow guage?
    A few months? One might think someone would pick up on this a twitch sooner

    Oh, almost forgot, welcome to Techspot.
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