Hello great minds!

By blairman
May 22, 2010
  1. My name is Blairman from michigan. i have an hp pavilliion 9300(?) series desktop, my wife has an hp laptop, i just added a toshiba netbook. i have been upgrading just about every couple years since '91 when my first desktop had an 'upgradded' 300 mb hard drive. anyhow, norton 360 has pretty much kept me away from this forum, however, i picked up a couple of XP laptops and were getting them ready for ebay when my brother in law lost his job, and went into biz for himself. i loaned him my gateway vtx400, mainly for an upstairs way to get email, win xp, no antivirus. ( he is handicapped and can't get up and down stairs easily) i am 50 he is 62 and a little less tech savy so when he started getting popups saying that the computer was getting infected and critical vulnerables found, he clicked ok on just about everything until it got to a credit card request. then he called and said "you got a problem". i sent him a dell 600 which he claimed eventually had the same issues. the dell, i was able to restore 5 months back and install the real security essentials from MS. i am sending that back home with him, but i still have this gateway 400vtx that pretty much won't let me restore. a complete wipe wouldn't hurt anything, except i do not think i have the 400vtx disk. i guesss i could find one, but if i could clean this SECURITY ESSENTIALS 2010 off the machine inexpensively, i would prefer that, and maybe learn something in the process.
    so, all you great minds.....please point me in the right direction.....
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  3. blairman

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    Thankyou Atest, i have been under the caring wing of bobbye, and lookinaround. i am truly amazed at what these guys know. i am amazed at what they can glean from these software logs. and i am amazed at their patience. i have used online boards for help with tech issues with my phones and cars, but these guys take the cake for being top notch. i sure am glad i found this board.
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    Yep, they are two of the best.
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