Hello. I have an Emachine T2460

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Dec 29, 2006
  1. Hello I have an Emachine T2460. Ok here's the deal I ready the how to disable onboard video and done that for my video card i upgraded awhile back. Just bought a new sound card Dynex for my computer. How do I disable Onboard Sound. It detected the new sound card and all and i was able to install Drivers but when rebooted the Other Devices disapeared and i see no refrence in my Hardware about it. I think the computer automatically uninstalled it. What my question is How do I disable my Ac97 Sound so i can get this new 5.1 sound working. Would love to have it working tonight. Thanks in advance.
  2. cfitzarl

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    Go to the device manager and look for your soundcard and disable it (or uninstall). Then shut down and install the card. Also, welcome to Techspot :wave: !
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    You just need to press F2 or Del when the computer is booting up, and disable it in the BIOS the same way you did for the video card.

    EDIT: It depends whether your BIOS will let you or not.
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  5. Dsynfull

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    Thanks had to disable it in hardwar config.. Bios wouldnt let me disable onboard. Uninstalling does no good. as emachines automaticlaly detects the onboard and reinstalls.. So disabling it works. Now i got a new sound card tomorrow Speakers!!.. Was thinking anyone think the logic tech x230 are good? was gonna buy them tomorrow at bestbuys.
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    There we go :) . Good luck with your new speakers!
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