Hello, I'm paranoid

By paranoid guy
Feb 28, 2006
  1. I'm here since February, love this place and am learning so much about computers from here. I'll try to help as well (if I ever can) but at the moment I just seem to be asking questions. Became paranoid guy because I love my computer and HATE viruses and the like, oh and I read this
    Well, that's about it.
  2. 2pies

    2pies TS Rookie

    chill dude chill

    :monkey: There's no need to be paranoid about viruses, just make sure:
    a) You have up-to-date anti-
    virus software.

    b) You scan your P.C at least
    once a week.
    c) You scan everything you
    download before you
    open it.

    If your anti virus software is any good it should automatically scan your emails for you, so you shouldn't have to worry about that.
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