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By privatepilot79
Oct 13, 2006
  1. I'd like to say hello to everyone on this site. From what I've read you all seem very helpful and patient with non-tech gurus (I'm one). I'm a retired marketing analyst.

    Was a private pilot for 25 years until an eye injury prevented my from plying any longer, so I now do my flying in the fantasy world of Microsoft Flight Simulators.

    Now that FS X is out, I am confused with the system requirements and wonder if someone can explain. My system has 1 gig RAM, 2.9 gHx CPU, DX9c, NVidia game card, BUT only a 12x DVD reader. On the Microsoft website requirements for FS X say you need at least a 32X DVD reader to run the game. I contacted Microsoft and a few other people at PC World, etc. They said a 12X reader is not sufficient for FS X. But I have looked online and in stores and cannot find a 32X (actually I wanted a 48X) DVD READER. On the box for FS X Special edition in Best Buy (yes they have it where I live) there is no mention of DVD reader speeds.

    Does anyone know what speed DVD reader it takes to run FS X well, and where I can get a 32X or faster DVD if I need one?

    Thanks for your help.
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