hello peeps how are all of you maybe one fo you can help

By Need2learnhow2
Oct 15, 2005
  1. ok here is the deal i got this computer that works good but i took the hard drive out and deleted everything that it had on it. I got it from a company that was going out of bussiness. so when i deleted everything i put windows xp pro on it and then i connected it back to the A7N8X computer and now it wont boot up not only that it tells me that the primary and secondary controller or somthing like that is not connected when it is please help me what do i do
  2. emptyreality

    emptyreality TS Rookie

    Are you saying that you took the hard drive out and put it into a different computer in order to install Windows? Because you don't want to do that; different computers have different hardware.

    Another thought: Try connecting the hard drive cable to the other connector on the motherboard. You might have connected it to the wrong one.
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