Hello Programmers

By VBAssassin
Oct 7, 2008
  1. Hello,

    My names scott and i'm a computer programmer (mainly web orientated). I program both as a hobby and for a career. I own 2 companies, one of which is involved in developing websites for other companies.

    I'm generally here to meet new programmers. I am fluent in PHP, JavaScript (and the prototype framework), MySQL, (x)HTML and CSS. I used to be fluent in VB6 but haven't written code in that language for years now. I also am ok with XML, delphi (the basics) and C++ (the very basics).

    My pride and joy is the continual development of my personal website for coders: http://coderprofile.com/

    Where you can read more about me: http://coderprofile.com/coder/VBAssassin

    Feel free to send me a message on there if you are a coder and decide to get an account.

    Oh i am also ok a building a PC after taking a computer maintenance course a while back. If anyone has any questions about web development please feel free to ask me.

    Kind regards,
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