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By Xecutor
Apr 14, 2009
  1. Hi Guys n Gurls,

    I just wanted to say hi to everyone, and let everyone know I exist :p

    I have read these forums a lot and have found a wealth of info to help me with my tech decisions. I hope to continue to do so.

    Here are my system specs for future purposes :) Not bragging, just stating; I'm continuously pursuing improving my system's performance

    - Processor: AMD Athlon 64x2 4400 2.30 GHz (no OC)
    - RAM: 4 GB DDR2 667MHz (no OC)
    - PSU: 550 W
    - Video: Asus Nvidia 8800 GTS 320MB DDR3 (OC: 533Mhz Core, 800 Mhz Mem)
    - Mobo: Not sure, but it supports 1 x16 PCIe slot, 1 x1 PCIe slot, 2 PCI slots, Integrated X1280 128MB ATI Xpress
    - 500 GB SATA HDD
    - 150 GB SATA HDD
    - 2 Thermaltake Case fans (120 mm each) (Front > Back air flow)
    - 2 Optical Drives (DVD/CDRW + DVDRAM)
    - 5.1 surround sound (Realtek HD integrated sound)

    Ambient Temp of CPU: 41 deg C
    Ambient Temp of GPU: 47 deg C / Load: 51 deg C

    Thanks and hope to post more :)
  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Hi Xecutor :wave:

    Welcome to [​IMG] :grinthumb

    Please read how to post a new thread in this Guide

    Before posting please read all the Posting Guidelines

    To access technical support please go to the Forums

    It is customary to post your system specs in your Profile <=

    You can access many other online TechSpot guides Here

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    Enjoy your Stay :)
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