Hello there guys and gals!

By jhmed
Sep 28, 2006
  1. My name's Andy and I live in Canada.

    This past week I discovered an annoying little pop-up that kept triggering my Norton. Turned out it was that WinAnti-Virus trojan, so I sat down and did some googling and this site popped up. I found the instructions to remove it, and more information about my little problem in this one little corner of the 'net than I did anywhere else I looked.

    While perusing the other threads on here, I have seen quite a few tips and such for problems that I have had in the past (and some I still have!). Seems like a friendly little spot to hang out in.

    My story starts in 1989. I taught myself DOS back in the day and even ran a small BBS with my 2400baud modem and my XT w/the whoppin' 9.54Mhz processor. But I left the world of computers behind when things were heading in the Windows direction. I was stubborn and figured "if you want a Mac then buy a Mac but leave my PC alone!". I didn't like the way everything was heading to the GUI. I liked the fact that to use a computer you had to have some basic knowledge of how it works. I knew that if the PC was to flourish it needed to be accesible to the masses, and that's what the GUI had in its favor... but like I said, I was stubborn. I also knew that the multi-tasking capability was the way to go... I mean, DOS's version of multi-tasking was to keep typing til the buffer ran out... LOL.

    Anyways, back in '02 my desire to watch Internet porn and shop on eBay won out (j/k) and I bought another PC. I found I had to re-learn everything all over again. My old DOS background helped in small ways, but it is a completely different world now. I must admit, I've picked it up pretty quick but still feel like I'm #208 in a race of 300, you know?

    Outside of computers, I have a vast love-affair with the Honda CR-X, and Honda cars in general. I own a 1990 Honda CR-X SiR that I imported from Japan last year. I'm not a punk kid with an obnoxious exhaust on his Civic out street racing on Friday nights, but I do have an affinity with that particular manufacturer and model, as you might have guessed. I helped to start up a little fan-site for the CRX this year with three of my buddies (www.cr-xcentral.com) and I've worked in the Automotive Industry for the last eight years, with slight change of scenery this past summer.

    So, here I am. That's how I found all y'all, and a little about me... I've poked around a bit and I like it here. You all seem nice, and I'll try to exhaust all of my options before I resort to hassling you all for help... and don't be shy to PM me if you need some help with your car or something. I don't know everything, but I work for 5 car dealerships with plenty of technicians, I'm sure I can get some sort of answer for you! My little way of 'giving back' to the community!

    Andy :)
  2. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    Hi, its always good to greet new members, i hope you enjoy your time with us.:)

    As for the problem you mentioned, the answer is, get rid of norton. Its is the single most problematic bit of software around today. To say that it is crap is really a major understatement. Personally, id rather put up with spyware than use norton. Even google spellchecker doesn't like the word norton!!!!!
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