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By p1k2b3
Apr 4, 2010
  1. Hi All,
    Just joined today.

    I'm old-school retired techie, use PC mostly for fun but have inquisitive mind and try to understand how 'New-Tech' things work!

    Came here to download some Audio Driver for Realtek for my newly installed Windows 7.

    - Log-in was no problem.
    - Finding the Audio Driver was no problem.
    - Clicked on the Green "Download" button.
    - Asked me for a password for "Webuser" on
    - I typed-in my log-in password for "techspot"
    - I get an error message:
    - Alert... 530 Login incorrect.
    - The driver is NOT downloaded.

    Can anybody help me this matter? I've tried it three times already!
  2. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,155   +458

    Hello and welcome to Techspot. You will likely get a better response if you post in the appropriate forum. This forum is for introductions only. See the sticky at the top of this forum, the one entitled, "DO NOT POST QUESTIONS in this forum, INTRODUCTIONS only."
  3. usingdell

    usingdell TS Rookie

    Hello to Techspot Members,

    I have just joined the forum the other day and I found treasures of information and help guides for many computer users.
    I am assured that many members will volunter their expertise and experience to solve any problem when it come to computing.
    Regards to all.

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