Hello to all from another newbie from New Zealand

By mooty
Mar 27, 2006
  1. I am having big problems with all moving screensavers. They freeze completely, I am not only new to your forums but also new to computers in general, so please be gentle. I am running Windows XP Home eddition.
  2. SOcRatEs

    SOcRatEs TechSpot Paladin Posts: 966

    Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

    Are you expecting: :mad: :evil: :dead: :unch: ?
    Well you should find none of that here! cept maybe the smilies.

    This is a very good place to find what you need,
    try a post in the video section for moving screensavers problems.
    Glad to have you here and wish I was there! NZ
  3. mooty

    mooty TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks SOcRates for that info. I'm trying to stick to the rules hence I asked you to be gentle
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