Hello to all

By nightowl22366
Mar 3, 2008
  1. I'm a newcomer (obviously), and would like to introduce myself (hence my post here).
    I (we) have 3 pc's in the house, and 2 laptops. The only one I can actually claim as my own is an Acer Aspire M3100, with Vista Home Premium. I haven't changed anything on it, and wouldn't want to - I'm not very tech-minded.

    My mechanical skills lean more toward cars, etc., not pc's. I'm slightly computer-literate, and know usually where to hunt for fixes to issues, or what to Google for to find help. As for opening up that case and changing things around...well, I think I'll pass. I'll help my sons do it, they're 24 and 15, and a little more comfortable with that stuff. (I'll lend them tools and such, those I've got.)

    I discovered this site while hunting for a driver for our newest (supposedly plug-n-play) "toy" to work on one of the other pc's in the house, and posted a request in that forum for it. Might be that it's too ancient to work with our new toy, but...

    Then again, I guess most folks on this site may consider me ancient, too. I'm 42, and rode my dinosaur to school, uphill, both ways, in the snow... So don't be too mean to us elders, okay? I might even be an old dog that can learn a new trick or two. (And, if it matters, the ancient computer isn't mine!)

    I wandered through several of the forums, reading this and that, and I'm impressed. This seems to be one of the best tech help sites I've seen, and think I'm gonna have to recommend it to anyone who may have need of it!

    Glad to have found you!
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