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Hello to

By larryboye
Oct 4, 2008
  1. My name is LarryBoye and I am located in western Pennsylvania USA. Beautiful place to visit and home to the September 11 2001 crash site of United Airlines Flight 93.

    I am a small businessman with a wonderful family and the normal computer "ills" many of us computer neophytes face.

    Currently, I have several PCs at home and work. Currently, I have been facing severe slowdowns and pop-ups, and my in-law "Dawghunter" said he used TechSpot and realized immediate success.

    Howard E was here at that time (2006), but Dawg said Julio was "the man" now and that he is a valued and trusted source at TechSpot, so a special hello to Julio.

    Will now post at Security forum, and thanks for the opportunity.

    Dell and HP fanatic.

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