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Hello, type slowly it's all Greek to me!

By Greek2me
Jul 26, 2005
  1. [Hi,
    I found this site while cruising Google looking for some help because my brand new Linksys wireless isn't working properly, and this site seemed "user friendly" The card/wireless connectivity worked like a champ for a few hours after I installed it. Then when I came back later... it refused to stay connected .... keeps saying it's "acquiring IP address" or "conected to access point but can't find the internet" etc... but, I gave it an IP address and it shows in the set up. It connects for a few seconds, disconnects, connects... blah. I don't know if it's the wireless card (Linksys WPC54GS) or Windows XP that's the problem or my Dell laptop. Husband and son both have no problems at all with their laptop wireless connections...so I'm pretty sure the access point is working fine. I uninstalled the Linksys software and reinstalled. I do also have a Dell Truemobile integrated card in there but it's disabled, and like I said it worked great after initial install, only started wonking up after I turned it off and came back to it later...
    HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP :) Thank you in advance
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