Hello want to built new pc but need help

By jluis2xp
Dec 31, 2007
  1. Hello want to built new pc but need help
    i want to build a new pc using the new allende 2.2ghz pentium dual core processor and the asus P5E-VM HDMI motherboard but i don't know if the board supports the F2-6400CL5D-2GBNQ (1GB x 2) dual channel kid from g-skill. The board does say non ecc and unbuffered so i guess it can work but there is no g-skill modules in the qualified vendo list provided by the website

    if these modules are not supported, does any body have any suggestions on which 2 gig module to use (below $75)

    P.S. if i use the same processor but the c2d version which has 1mb more of l2 cache will i see a notable increese in preformance

    all 3 products can be found in newegg
  2. jluis2xp

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  3. ShipMaster

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    Qualified vendor only means that they recommend certain manufactures. The G.Skill should work just fine.

    EDIT: You would probably experience a large difference in multi-tasking.
  4. jluis2xp

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    by the way will the extra megabyte of L2 cache do any go while playing games
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