By rickcolee
Apr 15, 2008
  1. My name is Rick. I've looked for a good place to ask questions about technical problems with computers. This looked like a good forum with lots of knowledgeable people to discuss situations with.

    I've been involved with computers since around 1984 when Southern Bell began to intergrate computers into the workplace. Back then you had to write your own programs to handle inventory and record keeping. My first personal computer was an Atari.

    My Bride of 40 years passed away in December last year, Bone marrow cancer. I am still working with AT&T, but I have a lot more time on my hands so I am playing with my newest computer that I put togather myself.

    Anyway, I have a few questions to post so have a good day.

  2. Blind Dragon

    Blind Dragon TS Evangelist Posts: 3,908

    Welcome Rick

    It's Nice to have you here, and sorry to here about your wife, I cant imagine.

    I usually stick to the Security Section but figured I would do a few Hello's today.

    There is a section under edit profile where you can add your systems specs to your profile, this can be a good thing if you have issues, ask a question, and the person with an answer comes on 12 hours later from the other side of the world. They can just click and see what OS you have or whatever the situation may be.

    Anyways welcome to Techspot, I hope you enjoy it here as much as I have.


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