By Sword2
Sep 14, 2008
  1. Hi, I'm an IT analyst and love computers and anything that has to do with technology. I found some useful posts while searching the net for help with Dell's BIOS master password and how it seems impossible now to fix it on my friend's Inspiron 1525. He bought it off a guy on the net and now it's an expensive doorstop. Cant get it through Dell since he has no idea who the owner was. And apparently this new model doesnt have the now famous 24c02 chip that can be reset. I looked. Anyways I deal with all kinds of PCs, Laptops running any OS that seems interesting. Have a couple of XPs (I love that OS now that I run Vista on my work laptop), my Vista Enterprise 64 bit laptop, and a nice Dell 745 desktop with Kubuntu 7.10 (also at work).


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