By sghudson
Aug 18, 2009
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    hello im looking forward to making a gaming computer i have a Area-51 750i but im going it give it away to one of my good friends who's computer has been stolen I know im crazy but he needs one and will pay me money from time to time so im not crazy my father can make a computer well any kind of computer like for gaming or music or just plain bills or just for fun but I really want to make my own computer so in the future i know what to do and how to do it I love to learn about this stuff and from what im told its cheaper you just need the materials and the ability I have the ability i help my dad put in certain stuff into a computer like a motherboard thats about it and I want to test my skills and make one on my own to show my father that I can make on and to take time off of his hands when he has to make a new one but lets cut to the chase I need opions on what kind of things I should buy to make a gaming computer so far I just got into reading about this stuff its been around 15 minutes and Iv covered the basic things you need for a gaming computer a CPU, motherboard, hard drive, computer RAM, and graphics card Im currently looking at a Intel Pentium Dual Core for 80 bucks I need to keep a low budget because i only have 1200 dollars from working [mowing lawns] so if you can message me about this it will be great thank you very much
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