By Didymus
Mar 5, 2010
  1. This is my first post as an introduction. I have warning about a weird userrrname, yes I know an enormous number ususally are weird, but this one carries a sting. I have received a message from another Forum telling me that a message was available about a problem for which I was seeking advice and I was required to click on the message title to go to the Forum abd open the message. So what? you may ask, this one carried with a sting, It was a message telling me that my computer was severely infected with over 100 trojans, viruses and other spyware. I was scared since I have antivirus and antispyware programs installed and running. The message on the website claimed to come from an esteemed member of their community telling me that I needed to run the Microsoft protection software, to which he gave an link, immediately. But I could not control the program which opened on separate page fortunately. Since I was able to read the sender's name I googled it and obtained a large number of references to posts to other Forums. I looked at some of them and found that the writer had enrolled with all of them in the last few days,, including the one I had opened. Thew author's username is MICHEALULLMAN. Beware he could come to a Forum near you.

    Incidentally I am now now running a thorough spyware check (Virgin) to find any problems and, in two hours, it has found only 2 infections.

    Sorry about the miserable message - I shall try to be more cheerful and helpful next time.

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