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By Radwen
Mar 24, 2006
  1. Hey, well I'm just saying hi ;-).

    A little background :
    I'm from Quebec, Canada.
    I'm studying Arts, but I'm mainly a programer.

    I like to draw, paint and sculpt. 2D, animation and 3D is also fun. But what I study at home is what I like the most ^^. Coding.

    I program C, C++, C#, VB.NET and I have intermediate skills in ASM.
    I script php, spherescript, actionscript and well I consider HTML like a scripting language more than programming :p.

    I also like learning about hardware. I know my basic information on hardware. How mem clocks, latencies and timings work. How voltage's come into play with hardware. Basic relations between HT, fsb, cpu. The use of cpu multipliyers .. etc.
    As for the hardware chips themselves, I know very little. Simply what they are used for and how to cool them ^^. I've performed hardmods, but by following tutorials, so I don't take much credit from this.

    So for the things that aren't related to overclocking, I'm pretty much knowledgeless.

    I like working on projects that I create. I've set up a Ultima Online shard running on an emulator based on runUO. But since about 60% of the core is modified .. theres not much left to call it runUO.
    I've modded PC components in a few ways :
    -Created a oil cooling based psu running at 40C, 46C max.
    -Modded my fans and my case to create a PC < 20 dbA, by lowering fan voltages and insolating the case sound wise. Keeping a good airflow so that my OC'ed cpu never goes over 39C on full load.
    -HD rubber mod. Where I glued some cut up rubberbands on the side of my HD's. Poking small wholes to screw it in it's 3.5" bay. Based on the 5.25" bay rubberband mod.

    My current project is a big one. I'm creating a gaming console !
    It's just for fun. No marketing purposes.
    I'm planning to build a pc optimized for gaming, in a 100% custom case. My friend is going to build the sound system himself. Integrated amp in the box ^^.
    So basicly it's mostly a case mod with a custom sound system.
    What makes the project big and interesting is that I want to create a few adapters so that you could play games from other consoles on it.
    Anyways, so I'm not decided yet weither it's going to be rom based emulation or real game catriges (well in this case both would be possible).
    I also haven't decided on what OS this will run. Maybe I'll make my own basic OS for this system.
    I'll be posting more about this project. This is jsut an introduction post :).

    So well thats me.

    I hope to be able to help and be helped on these boards !
  2. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    Hello Radwen and welcome to Techspot.

    Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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