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Jul 6, 2007
  1. I'm Bob. i found this site by trying to fix an error message that I am still getting when I open my browser. " you have chosen yo open oasadgenerator.aspx" from http//publish.vx.roo.com. So maybe one day I will get it corrected. Like I said just joined the sight, and maybe the answer is hear.

    Nice to chat with anyone. have a great day....Bob
  2. magiclight

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    welcome to techspot :)
  3. kitty500cat

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  4. michaelgreenwic

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    pstltaz, is excite.com your homepage? This is my home page and I get the download prompt continuously (with firefox) whenever I go there. I don't get the message on other sites. I figured this out after reformatting my hard drive twice.
  5. gmc7721

    gmc7721 TS Rookie

    oasadgenerator.aspx Errors...........

    Just a heads up gentlemen,
    I to started recieving this error. I did all the virus, spybot, defender even highjack this etc..... scans but nothing showed up. On some further investigation (downloaded the file) I did an Internet search on the info in the file, taking what I found and noticing that this down load file only popped up when my Excite Home page refreshed I looked at the source code for only that web page. I found a reference that corrolated with some of my research:
    "<table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 width=100% class=mexModule><tr><td ><script>outputMexHead('Excite Video','http://g6publish.videodome.com/excite/portal/index.asp','','RV','0','','');</script><table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 width=100%><tr class=mexContent><td valign=top ><script>addMexJSContent('writeMyVideoNews()','','0','','0');</script></td></tr></table>
    <font class=modspace><br></font>
    The key is the http://g6publish.videodome.com, I noticed that excite started using a video portal to veiw video stuff, it must have some source code errors that triggers the oasadgenerator.aspx down load.
    I just removed it (the plug in) from my home page and I NO longer get get the download pop-up.
    If your home page uses this video portal from publish.vx.roo.com just turn it off/remove the feature untill the company fixes there buggy source code.

  6. kitty500cat

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    Hello gmc7721 and welcome to TechSpot. :wave:

    Thanks for posting your solution here; now other people can benefit from it too.

    Regards :)
  7. mooley

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    I don't quite understand. Did u download the file first???? I don't have that addon in my list
    And.........If we don't download the file what will happen????
    Sorry for being stupid, just don't understand the addon thingie if you didn't download it.
  8. gmc7721

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    oasadgenerator.aspx Errors...........

    Nothing well happen if you don't download the file or even if you do. But I downloaded the file in a virtual OS (scanned it for virus and spyware) and opened it as a text file. After reading the info and a little more investigation I was able to solve my problem.
    The browser is reading the bugged source code as an error and sending you a message that you need some plug-in ???? it's just garbage.
    Even if you can't figure out what plug-in or module is causing this in your browser just click cancle on the download (that's just plain annoying) but effective.

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