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Aug 1, 2007
  1. I have an e-machines T3524 computer with an intel celeron d 352 3.2ghz, 1.5 gig ram, 160 gig hard drive, ati radeon x1050 graphics card. I have been using a pinnacle studio program to edit dvd movies. The computer has a hard time keeping up with the program. It takes a while to do different functions, sometimes freezes for a few moments, when i preview the movie it doesnt always play smooth, etc. I have talked with several people from circuit city, best buy and have heard so many different things. I bought the graphics card, which really didnt improve much other than the previewing the movie. I have been wanting to upgrade the cpu, thinking that will speed some things up and make it more efficient. No one has really been able to give me a straight answer to what will work and what wont. I dont want to burn up the motherboard. I have a 775 socket. I was interested in this cpu: Intel Pentium 4 661 3.60GHz 2MB 800MHz 775 CPU SL94V P4. Does the mhz have to match with mine (i have a 533) and will this be a decent upgrade to what i have?? thanks.
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    OK doug. How much are you willing to spend to make this thing run more smooth. We'll start there.
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    not too, too much. Like $150 would be nice, and if its a huge difference between 150 and 200, then maybe i can do 200. I found that one i questioned about for $120. Im not doing anything crazy, and it's not that bad right now. I just thought i could improve a little bit. I have seen some motherboard/cpu combos on ebay that came with a dual processor, but i dont know what motherboard would fit. I wanted to stick with just a cpu, hoping it would be a quick, somewhat cheap fix. Let me know what you think. Would that one i asked about work? would it be any improvement? Thanks
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    Update your profile so we know what country you are from. So we post links of retails places that ship to your homeland. You mobo might support c2duo. Which is 120 right now at entry price. That would be awesome fore pinnacle. I use it as well. I have ultimate 11 :p

    Your graphics card wont matter a HUGE deal. I suggest getting a kit of 2Gb ram. Which is cheap now. For you system you could get it for 60 bucks.
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    im from the usa. my motherboard will only support 2gig i think. I was going to exchange the half gig for another full gig sometime, but wanted to work on the cpu first. i dont think my mobo will support dual cores. I tried talking to an e-machines guy, but he wasnt much help. He said it wouldnt support dual core cpu's. I am running pinnacle 10.7 eddition. Will an 800mhz work in my system? I think that cpu that i displayed would be a nice upgrade for me, but not sure if it will work with my system. how do i determine what i need? thanks
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    ok, i think i figured out what motherboard i have. I think the P4 661 3.6ghz will work with my computer, but im not sure if my mobo will support hyper-threading??? How do i figure this out. These are the specs off of the emachines website:
    MB: MB, RC410 10/100 LAN DDR2- INTEL MBEM4006149R <p>
    CPU: CPU,Cel D 352 3.2GHz 533FSB 512K LGA775B <p>
    CPU Fan Type: FAN,H/S CEL-P4 3.2 CLRMSTR <p>
    HDD: HDD,160GB 7200RPM UATA <p>
    Memory: 512MB DDR2 SDRAM (MAX. 2GB) <p>
    ODD1: DVDRW,MF N3LC DLYR 16x <p>
    Modem: MODEM, 56K Data/Fax <p>
    Power Supply: PS, 300 Watt 100929<p>
    LAN: LAN, 10/100<p>

    Let me know if this cpu will work with my motherboard. Thanks.
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