HELP!!! ATI RADEON 9200 installation problems

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Aug 9, 2005
  1. Okay, so I just bought my first computer, and after a little while decided I wanted to be able to play a few games, which involved upgrading my video card, not unusual, so I went out and bought a used radeon 9200 video card my computer...

    --------[ EVEREST Home Edition (c) 2003-2005 Lavalys, Inc. ]------------------------------------------------------------

    Version EVEREST v2.00.335
    Report Type Quick Report
    Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600 (WinXP Retail)
    Date 2005-08-09
    Time 15:10

    --------[ Summary ]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
    OS Service Pack Service Pack 2
    DirectX (DirectX 9.0c)
    Computer Name
    User Name

    CPU Type Intel Pentium 4, 2800 MHz (21 x 133)
    Motherboard Name Dell Dimension 3000
    Motherboard Chipset Intel Morgan Hill i865GV
    System Memory 512 MB (DDR SDRAM)
    BIOS Type Phoenix (11/08/04)
    Communication Port Communications Port (COM1)
    Communication Port ECP Printer Port (LPT1)

    Video Adapter Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller (96 MB)
    3D Accelerator Intel Extreme Graphics 2
    Monitor Dell E153FP [15" LCD] (Y441351J2TKY)

    Audio Adapter Intel 82801EB ICH5 - AC'97 Audio Controller

    IDE Controller Intel(R) 82801EB Ultra ATA Storage Controllers
    Disk Drive SAMSUNG SP0802N (80 GB, 7200 RPM, Ultra-ATA/133)
    Optical Drive HL-DT-ST CD-ROM GCR-8483B (48x CD-ROM)
    Optical Drive SONY CD-RW CRX216E (48x/32x/48x CD-RW)
    SMART Hard Disks Status OK

    C: (NTFS) 72716 MB (61330 MB free)

    Keyboard Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard
    Mouse HID-compliant mouse
    Game Controller Microsoft PC-joystick driver

    Network Adapter Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection
    Network Adapter WAN (PPP/SLIP) Interface (
    Modem Intel(R) 537EP V9x DF PCI Modem

    Printer Fax
    Printer Intuit Internal Printer
    USB1 Controller Intel 82801EB ICH5 - USB Universal Host Controller
    USB1 Controller Intel 82801EB ICH5 - USB Universal Host Controller
    USB1 Controller Intel 82801EB ICH5 - USB Universal Host Controller
    USB2 Controller Intel 82801EB(M) ICH5(-M) - Enhanced USB2 Controller
    USB Device Logitech WingMan Action Pad
    USB Device USB Human Interface Device

    is that.

    I've been trying to install this card with the aid of dell techincal support, the intel video card is integrated and won't seem to turn off.

    What happened...

    Turn off computer
    disconnect power cable
    disconnect video cable
    Open case
    unscrew slot cover
    place video card in PCI slot
    screw into place
    close cover
    reattach power cable
    reattach video cable to the new card
    turn on computer
    install recently downloaded driver from ati
    restart computer
    pages are enlarged
    wallpaper is properly displayed, but icons are enlaged
    check display driver and the intel video card driver is still running
    turn off computer
    diconnect power cable and video cable
    open case
    remove video card
    close case
    reattach video cable to integrated card
    reconnect power cable
    turn computer on video card worky!!! :dead:


    so the first dell technician tells me I have to disable the video card by entering the BIOS and turning off the card, however the second and third techinicians tell me this is unneccesary (I talked to the first technician prior to actually buying the card to see what I was in for), on my second and third calls to dell techincal support they guide me through the installation process, and as is described above, it does not seem to be working (oh, by the way, the second technician tells me I need a new driver, so I download a new one and the same thing happened! ack thppt!)

    when I evter the BIOS, I have the option of auto and onboard, but so far have refrained from touching it, it sounds like it's that, but am unwilling to try it, besides I don't want to do this without it being a prescribed measure.


    if there is any information you want related to this just ask...

    also I need to buy a sound card probably, is the integrted sound card Direct X 9.0 compatible?, the techincians at dell don't seem to know

    - p.
  2. wirm

    wirm TS Rookie Posts: 64

    I’m no expert at this, but when I installed my pci card, I didn’t need to do anything in BIOS. I tried, but forgot which button to press at startup, and that was that.
    Anyway, I just went to Control Panel / System / Device Manager and disabled the Intel Extreme Graphics (Right click it).
  3. Sharkfood

    Sharkfood TS Guru Posts: 1,019

    I wouldn't worry about the soundcard for now as it's an AC'97... you probably simply need new codec/drivers once everything is working properly. Unless you're trying to get 6.1/5.1 (6-7 speaker surround) working in games, AC'97s will work with DX9.0c + games with some tweaks.

    As far as the videocard goes, yes- you should definately disable the on-board in the BIOS as this will yield the best results. Can you get a second videocard to work without this? Yes, but you'll still have to disable the card in the Device Manager this way and under some rare conditions may cause your new 9200 to have conflicts with other hardware (i.e. with the on-board disabled at boot-up, the 9200 can take it's address.. whereas if you simply disable it in Windows, it'll configure somewhere else, then the on-board is disabled by the OS). So the best way to do this (but not 100% required always) is to disable it in the BIOS.

    My best suggestion would be to:
    1) Hit, use their Find a Driver link and get the 5.7 Catalyst drivers with Control Panel. You can get the CCC version, but then you'll need to ensure you have .NET 1.1 + all it's hotfixes from Windows Update. For most users, the CP/Control Panel version of their drivers is more than enough. Save this to your DESKTOP but do not install it.
    2) Perform a reboot and enter the BIOS. Disable the on-board videocard (or "Auto" if it has no disable option)>
    3) Save and Exit the Bios, then immediately power-off the PC.
    4) Crack the case open, insert your 9200 Radeon.
    5) REMOVE the network cable/broadband. This is important since Windows Update may try to fetch improper drivers on first boot.
    6) ON boot, if you get Add New Hardware wizards, just click "Cancel" to them. You may get two of these.
    7) Run the 5.7 Catalyst drivers on your desktop previously downloaded.
    8) Select the Express Install. When it asks to reboot, do so.
    9) Reconnect your network cable/broadband.
  4. pelican

    pelican TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks, I'll try that, it was my suspicion that puke: for some reason the issue of the BIOS was important, but the technicians say different things, they actually referred me here in lieu of an answer, again puke: all this to play psychonauts and spliter cell. ack thppt!

    - p.
  5. stephr217

    stephr217 TS Rookie

    I had same problem

    I actually had the same problem installing my ATI Card. I called both ATI and Dell and no one was of help. Although this article has now made it work. And I wanted to thank you for that. :) Now my question is do I need to install the software that came with the Graphics Card. I got an ATI CD with software should I Install that or will it just screw it up more?
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