By tekNerd
Oct 12, 2006
  1. This one is happening everytime I am trying to move some folders from the list view in to some other folders in the tree view (using, of course, the so called file manager Windows Explorer).
    Everything is taking place in one root folder by drag and drop operation.
    The kick and what made me to come here and bag for the help is the fact that this is happening even in ...drum roll...safe mode. Common already!
    Really now, I had some major problems with the computer and I blame Microsoft like every other person, but safe mode was in fact...safe and I could find the problem(even the solution), but now...
    I tried to do some debugging myself from the minidump, but not sure what it means since I am a total noob. i can see that MPRIFL.SYS appears more than ones so I guess this could be the mofo, but I am just babbling right now.
    Sorry for the big, boring post, but the frustration and all made me this way!
    Thanks a lot for all your help!

    Peace out!
  2. tekNerd

    tekNerd TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 40

    Man, I am good. And modest.
    Since i didn't find anyware something about MPRIFL.SYS I used L5 software Group's Driver Manager (beautiful, just beautiful) and I found out that it was a driver from Folder LockBox and indeed this one was the reason of the crash.
    So, he was working even in safe mode. I have to say...wow!
    Anywho, is just a piece of crap, it's out and everything is back to (microsoft) normal! Yuhu!

    Thanks for your time!

    Peace out!
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