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Help building a CPU

By akinlxl ยท 10 replies
Feb 17, 2006
  1. Hey everyone, Can you guys please provide me with your expert advise as far as, what components, mobos, processor, video card, etc... i should buy to build a fast pc.....My price limit is $1100.00 provide me with your best advise please.........i want to get AMD processor....thanks alot :knock:
  2. PanicX

    PanicX TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 669

    I'd recommend you read a little bit around these forums. Theres lots of discussions on the best of this and that for what prices.

    Besides that, you don't say anything about what you will use this PC for. Designing a "fast" pc on a $1100 budget can be highly speculative. I can sell you a computer that runs calc.exe really fast for that much money. Oh, perhaps you have a pocket calculator which would make this machine unnecessary...
  3. vnf4ultra

    vnf4ultra TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,388

    Without knowing what your using it for, here'd be a system that'd handle most anything well.

    Cpu: 3800+ X2
    Mobo: Biostar Tforce SLI
    Video card: 6800gs pci-e sli ready
    Ram: 2gb value
    Hard drive: Seagate 160gb sata 3gb/s
    Dvd burner: Nec 3550
    Case: Coolermaster atx tower
    Power supply: Fortron 400W
    OS: Win xp home sp2

    That should come out at a little less than $1100 usd including shipping, and should be a good system for most anything, you may like a bigger hd depending on your desired use.
  4. akinlxl

    akinlxl TS Rookie Topic Starter


    thanks guy...anyone else recommend anything different????
    looking for amd processor x64 3000 or more
    250gb harddrive or more
    cdrw/dvd rom
    dvd+ - rRw
    1 gb ddr or more
    hm.........case with clean window with blue light or red
    must have sata option on the mobo
    hm.....must have atlest more than 4 or 6 usb on board

    thanks in advance
  5. CrossFire851

    CrossFire851 TS Rookie Posts: 766

    Above has everything you may need. You may want a different case.
  6. vnf4ultra

    vnf4ultra TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,388

  7. spartanslayer

    spartanslayer TS Rookie Posts: 394

    I recommend that you get a ASUS A8N-SLI mobo. Also, upgrade that 6800GS to a 6800GT. Better performance and not much price difference. What are you going to be doing with the comp?
  8. akinlxl

    akinlxl TS Rookie Topic Starter


    well computer is going be used as gaming pc and entertainment and school work...
  9. spartanslayer

    spartanslayer TS Rookie Posts: 394

    Sounds like the ASUS A8N-SLI is perfect. If you have the cash, get the ASUS A8N32-SLI version. It has true dual 16x lanes. Good Luck. And also, your not trying to build a CPU, like your thread says, your trying to build a computer. A CPU is the Central Processing Unit, such as the Pentium 4, or the Athlon 64. Not the whole thing. Good Luck!
  10. someone124

    someone124 TS Rookie

    actaully, the 6800GT and 6800GS are really the exact same performance. sometimes the GT wins benchmarks, and sometimes the GS wins, however, XFX and other brands are selling OC models of the GS, which will beat the GT.

    however, both of those cards will get beaten by the X850XT, which if you can fit it into your budget, would be the best choice. it's only about $20 more than the 6800GS, and about $30 less than the 6800GT, but it is faster than both of them.
  11. Row1

    Row1 TS Guru Posts: 343   +13

    intensive gaming?

    if you plan to play intensive gaming like a lot of people on this site do, then i would suggest building your computer around your video card choice, since that will be a major expense AND the mb will need to support the format (PCI-E, AGP, etc.). you could spend hundreds on that one component alone. you will need to read a lot to figure out what vid card will satisfy you.

    after that, let other things fall into place. if budget gets limited, you can choose to go with a smaller hard drive (smaller doesn't affect gaming speed) or choose a generic, uncool but technically great case (those cool lights all over the case don't make the games run faster).

    i am not an intense gamer. i built my comp (see my profile) for $1k not including monitor and OS (which I already had). Prices have dropped since I built mine. So a good gaming comp is definitely possible for $1100. Do a LOT of research before you buy.
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