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Dec 13, 2007
  1. Im a casual user that just want to play games like Counter Strike Source
    HP Pavilion
    AMX Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual
    Core Processor 4200+
    2.20 GHz, 1.93 GB of RAM
    DirectX Level 9.0
    nVIDIA Geforce 6150 LE (currently)
    Microsoft XP Media centre edition

    Please post recommendations or ask for more information. Much appreciated.
  2. Sharkfood

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    Can you be a bit more specific?

    There are a few models HP Pavilion with similar specs that you have listed- such as the 1320, 1450n and others.

    Can you specify which precise HP Pavilion model you have?
  3. joesmithy

    joesmithy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    More specific

    I think its HP a1626n thats what it saids on the processor
    It also saids version 2002
    Media Centre edition 2005
    Processor 4200+

    I hope that helps because im not well with these computer things
  4. JMMD

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  5. joesmithy

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    Im trying to stay within the 40-100 dollars range but if the card is good I will go beyond. All I really want to do is get higher fps in Counter Strike Source
  6.'ll want more fps in any game usually. otherwise it becomes unplayable. the higher the better.

    and you can't get anything that will give you a huge boost for that much. that 6150 limited edition is pretty good as it is. in that price-range, anything you buy might even HURT your performance. so you'll need one of the more modern ones to beat your current card. the ones i would look for in your case would be from the 175 dollar range. (trust me, the extra 75-100 dollars is worth it) .

    you could go with an ATI radeon x1950, a geforce 7900gs, or an ati radeon 3850. and of those three, i would pick the 3850 seeing as it was very recently introduced, and is very powerful indeed. and it will fit in your slots. it's not an awful lot more than your suggested budget...but it is quite expensive.

    but you can't get anything that will perform equally as well, or better for that price. and anything priced lower will perform roughly the same as the card you already have anyway. it wouldn't be much of a gain.

    just an opinion. you can feel free to do as you please. but i'd strongly recommend this option.
  7. vegasgmc

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  8. Daveskater

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  9. Beanbag

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    I'd recommend this, it's cheaper than the other one and way better, not to mention it's a great choice for its price.
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