Help! Can´t cool my system.

By eomeagher · 6 replies
Mar 9, 2005
  1. I have a athlon xp 2600+, 512 Mb RAM, A 60gB wd hd and a 4gb wd hd motherboard asus a7n8x-x with a geforce fx5200 (fanless) and my case is a 4 bay with 350w font.
    My cooling is the font fan, a CUD-725 - 42.08cfm (air flux) and 4200 Rpm, and a font fan on the case, sucking air off the side of the processor.

    Well, if i use light applications, the pc works ok.
    when i use 3dsmax or any 3dgame, the cpu temp increases very much until the 70°c, when the MB turns the system off for protection.

    The only way i can play a 3d Game or Render a Scene in 3dsmax is with the air conditioning on (at a glacial temperature) or with a Fan turned on pointing directly to the cpu (i don't know if you can undestand it. It is not a pc fan. is a REAL FAN) :) .
  2. bushwhacker

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    You know what? You are weird... :) <just kidding> Welcome to TechSpot, eomeagher!

    A better solution: a fan sucking in from front or on the roof of case, a fan or two sucking in from side, and a fan blowing out from the back of the case. It helps.

    P.S. consider a high perfomance copper heatsink with fan for your AMD.


    Reason for Editing: Wrong cpu suggestion
  3. fishhookz

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    intake fan in front
    exhaust fan in back
    blowhole at top

    Some fancy cases have intake at bottom.

    I have the same board. Budget board is good. My case is cheap-***. intake, exhaust and side exhaust. cpu temp ~37'C. mobo ~25'C. Under load, ~43'C. I have a TT11+ on 2500+ at medium speed.

    I see you're from Brazil, which is pretty warm. So your temps are normal. I'd suggest you take a look at better cases like Antec with 120mm exhaust, 80mm intake. Or Enermax with 120mm in & ex fans.

    BTW, I never use stock HSFs. They're for newbies. :)
  4. eomeagher

    eomeagher TS Rookie Topic Starter

    New Data

    well, my processor heatsink is 100% copper and has a big fan (7x7 cm) the whole thing is almost 500grams weight. (uuuh)
    I have installed asus COP on my machine yesterday and it have shown some interesting behavior about electric charges.

    +12v - 12.9v
    +5v - 4.8v
    3.3v - 3.27
    vcore - 1.68v

    these values are being measured by the MB. can be these the cause of my problem?
  5. ModGuru

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    Fry an egg...

    Damn, you can :chef: fry an egg on that thing! If you're looking for a good case. Get an aluminum like Lian Li. Thermaltake has a new aluminum case. I think it's called the Armor . They have it in Aluminum version. I think the Armor case is a bad ***!!!
  6. BringinHeat

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    I agree with above a nice aluminum case will make a big difference i had a steel one first and then i got the aluminum cuz my system kept getting really high temps. I got a 10 degree difference in case ambient temp and my processor was running 12 degrees cooler. Try to get a case with intake fan at the bottom and the exhaust fan at the top. I dont really have any experience with the card you have but i used to have a 9800 pro overclocked and anytime i would play games with it the card would get really hot. Hot enough to heat up everything else inside my case so that mite be something that you would want to check as well. :hotouch:
  7. heymrdj

    heymrdj TS Rookie

    Dude, take a look at your +12Vrail. I got a 2.8GHZ P4 running at 12.2V maximum. 12.9 raises heat big time. you need to back something down. Are you running alot of components (ie extra size graphic cards, lots of PCI stuff). Your Vcore of 1.68 is pretty hefty too. What processor do you run (i can see that VCore for something like a 3400+).
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