Help! Can't figure out which audio driver to get

By sweetverve
Mar 7, 2007
  1. I have recently re-installed Windows XP on my computer, and as is the case every time, my sound went away. I know this is because I have to manually install the sound card driver (because this has happened in the past). Unfortunately, I spazzed this time, and completely forgot to write down what the driver was or to even back it up before re-installing Windows.
    So now I have no idea what driver to get. I've tried Realtek AC97, as well as some SigmaTel ones, but none of them worked.
    My computer is not a brand-name computer - it was assembled by a friend of mine some time ago.
    I know that the sound card is integrated into the motherboard (the MB is Fujitsu Siemens). I've tried looking on the mother board for a sound chip, but I couldn't find anything.
    Is there a way I can find out what my sound card is? What the correct driver for it is?
    Thanks for all your help.
  2. rmdl51

    rmdl51 TS Maniac Posts: 244

    Hello sweetverve! First of all welcome to techspot! I would not recommend you to be guessing which sound card you have trying different drivers. You can open your case check your exact model of your MOBO and then google it and you'll get all the specs including what sound card does it have. I assume you no longer have the original driver cd or the manual because if you had it there will be the easiest way to know what you need, have you tried to contact your friend for info about your system?.
    Another option is to download a program called Everest and run it and it will tell you all the details about your system including MOBO. Either way I believe the most reliable driver you can find is on the MOBO manufacturer's web site. I Hope this help and if there's anything else I can do to help you let me know. Good Luck :wave:
  3. tomrca

    tomrca TS Rookie Posts: 1,000

    go HERE
    and get everesthome free edition. it will give you a comprehensive breakcown of what is in your pc. then you can also fill in you profile too.
  4. sweetverve

    sweetverve TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Woo-hoo!! Thank you guys so much. I found my mobo on the Fujitsu Siemens website, and downloaded the sound card driver (it was SigmaTel after all), and now I have sound! The Windows intro music never sounded so sweet!
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