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Apr 25, 2006
  1. Can anyone please help me
    I have a amd athlon 64 3000+ with msi, ms6702 motherboard and 512 mem.
    My comp keeps crashing, mainly when i try to burn or insert any disc (dvd or cd)
    the problem is that it keeps rebooting without the blue screen of death (even when I undo this option in my comp.
    It doesn't say anyting in the event viewer and the minidump apears to be empty. I haven't put any new hardware in it and did not install any new program s

    I have put the belarc system info file on my website.
    I noticed that the benchmark score is very low: could this be it?

    You can find the system info page on
    system info

    if you need any additional info please tell me and I will get this as well

    greetz Henk
  2. benken2202001

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  3. Vigilante

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    Instant restarting with no errors, no minidump, no "send error report", no error log; this usually means hardware problem or overheat. Can also mean power problem, as in bad battery backup, bad surge protector, failing power supply, or even a grounding problem. Grounding as in, if you touch the case metal or try to plug something in, it reboots.
    My own PC has that issue, it'll restart sometimes when plugging in the front audio. One time it even restarted just by touching my keyboard when the cat was rubbing on my leg!! The static, just ZAP and it reboot right exactly when I touched the keyboard!

    So I would venture into those guesses.

    good luck
  4. hdamiaans

    hdamiaans TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you guys,

    New development. the computer accepted the disc this time, but crashed when I wanted to burn some files. So we can role out the first option (the autorun)

    what was interesting this time is that the computer kept rebooting (5 times in a row) after windows was fully loaded, even when I managed to remove the disk.
    This hasn't happend before.

    I have checked and cleaned to whole comp for dust (there wasn't much as the comp is brand new). although this does't role out any out electricity issues.

    The good thing is I can make this error happen by simply trying to burn a dvd.
    Now all I need is some log on what happens right before the crash.

    is it overheating, failing powersupply, failing ram????

    is there any program that can do that?

    greetz Henk
  5. Vigilante

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    Or failing CD-ROM? Do you have 2 CD-ROM drives, I'd look in there and check the connections, check the cable that it isn't cut anywhere and it's plugged in tight.

    You could even disconnect the drive completely (power and data), and just use the PC as normal and see if it never reboots without that drive. If it doesn't reboot, then you have a bad drive or cables. If it still reboots, then the drive may not be the problem, but the software tools. And we'll have to tshoot from that point.
  6. benken2202001

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    Its sounding like a power problem. First, try running with only 1 CD-Rom drive. Or try with a new PSU.

    Last solution might be to re-seat the mobo on the grounding screws.
  7. hdamiaans

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    I have only one dvd rom and the thing is that it only seems to restart witha cd in it. So if the reboot is a result of a electric shock or touching the case, whouldn't it reboot without a cd as well????
    and everything else on the computer works fine. I can have the computer on all night and nothing happens.
    the crashes only accur when inserting dvd/cd or shortly after.
    I haven't tried in in safe mode yet, maybe that can give us a glue.
    if it is still the same, I will bring my dvd rom to the dealer and see if it works in a other computer....hopefully they wont charge me a handfull.

    But really isn't there some software that makes a log of cpu usage, temp and monitors Ram and virtual page as well.???

    or at least some of these factors

    it is clear that something must be overloading and I want to rule out as many software options as I can before spending the buckaroo's on new hardware
  8. hdamiaans

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    action --> result
    burning recordable dvd @ 8x --> *reboot
    Burning rewritable dvd @ 4X --> *All good
    Burning recordable dvd @ 4X --> * rebooted when burning was finished, rebooted again on start-up with dvd in drive, no prob's when dvd was removed
    Burning full speed in safe mode --> * Reboot

    gettin frustrated --> * Hair Loss

    arghh, well at least I can burn some stuff............
  9. hdamiaans

    hdamiaans TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok I just keep trying stuff.
    I inserted a music cd and it rebooted and kept repeating till cd was removed.
    Inserted dvd (the same I one I burnt at 4 speed earlier) and the computer died.
    all power went off and I had to turn it of and on again on the back of the comp.

    When the power went on again I couldn't connect to the internet anymore with my dsl-502T router... And neither could the laptop. Connected to the same router. Then I restarted this computer (the problem one)and internet worked fine again on both computers (even without restarting the laptop)

    I rememberd that I only recently connected the laptop to the router and that I had set up A small home network (laptop and this one).and that this could be around the same time when the cd/dvd troubles started.

    I had already tried a sestem restore point created before the network setup but this did not fix the problem.

    This is just getting weirder and stranger....

    ps network works fine

    greetz Henk
  10. Vigilante

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    Well dude, I think it's safe to say there is a problem in the DVD subsystem!

    If possible, can you simply swap your drive with another one and test? Check at good will or a thrift store, local PC shops etc... just pick up a decent used cd-rom. Since you said it restarted just playing an audio disk, this should be independant of DVDs or burning, so you should be able to test with just a plain old cd-rom. It has to be ruled out. We sell used cd-roms for like $5, so it should be a cheap test.
    Swap cables too if you can.
    With a different drive, any drive you can get, does it still have problems? If so, then we know it may be a software issue. But if the problems go away, you have a cable or drive issue.

    As for seeing your resource usage, Task Manager does those basic things. If you press CTRL-SHIFT-ESC it should come up. Then click the Performance tab. The upper graph shows your CPU history, but it's not really a permement log or anything, you just have to watch it.
    In the Commit Charge box, "Total" shows how much RAM your system is currently using. And then you have the PF Usage graph which tracks your page file. But this doesn't change much, it's usually flat lined.
    You CPU usage should hover from maybe 1% to 4% when idle. Opening anything or running anything will obviously make is spike pretty high, but should go down once the program is fully open and the system is idle again.

    If that isn't good enough, you could look into a program called "hmonitor". The trial lets you see some more stuff like fan speeds and temps, and voltage levels.

    Oh, and be sure to test in Safe Mode like you said.
  11. hdamiaans

    hdamiaans TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanx a million,

    I will try a different cd rom to start with.

    I'll keep you guys posted......
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