Help *computer crash, recovery disks won't complete install*

By ogre_pat
Apr 22, 2005
  1. Sorry about the lack of information. heres what i know right now of the top of my my head. it has no floppy drive and is XP. I have a AMD Athlon Processer and all out of the box basic hardware.

    I got it for christmas and dont know to much about computers but would like to learn.

    in case any of you know what this is its a frys great quality pc.

    My Computer Crashed :hotbounce and i dont know whats wrong with it

    its not connected to the internet so its not an internet related problem.

    i wanted wipe the hardrive to just kinda start over with it so i put in the first recovery disc as it was coming on and everything was going good. it asked me to put in the 2nd disc so i did and it was going ok. When it got 76% done it said there was a failure and i needed to try again. then it told me my win32 file was missing PLEASE sombody help me with this all i want is my computer back.

    Heres what it does. it wont even let me boot it in safe mode. if you try to boot normally it brings up a black screen with the mouse. you can move th mouse but thats about it.

    if you have any help or comments for me please email me at

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  2. maXimus4444

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    First things first

    We need to know what kind of specs you got. If you're running xp/nt/2000? We need some more information before we can help you.
  3. SNGX1275

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    You violated almost every guideline in: How To Make a Post Worth Reading. Please read that.

    To your problem though. My guess based on this limited information is you had some RAM go bad on you. But it could be any number of things.

    To rule out a couple of the possible problems, and since you were going to wipe the hd anyway and start over, here is the fastest way to do so. (Provided my guess about the RAM is wrong, and there is no other faulty hardware):
    Download a 98 boot floppy disk.
    Run that file, it will ask for a blank floppy, then it will make it bootable.
    Start up your computer with that in the drive.
    You don't need to load cd support.
    Format C:
    Once its done formatting, put your recovery cd in, and reboot. Remember to take out the floppy.
  4. jean-guy

    jean-guy TS Rookie

    help for (probedis.exe dll)

    excuse my anglish i am franch

    when i close my computer is appear (probedis .exe dll ) each time

    i am windows xp home fr modem usr robotic 5699b faxmodem

    before i have another usr robotic i dont remember the number

    could you find something for me please



    if is possible in franch i anderstand to much write in anglish
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