Help! Computer won't do anything!

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Nov 27, 2004
  1. A friend of mine attempted to flash his bios and I believe that he used the wrong bios. He used an upgrade for an asus a7v8x-x instead of an asus a7v8x. The specs for the boards don't appera to be any different although the bios upgrades are different: A7v8xx13 / Av8x4m14 respectively. Now, the computer won't come up at all. We attempted to dump cmos and removed the battery for around 15 seconds (asus recommends 5 seconds) and still nothing. What now? Can anything be done to safe this computer. Please help!
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    The only thing that can be done now is to find someone with a working specimen of the same motherboard. You turn on the working motherboard, load up the BIOS flashing utility with the proper BIOS file, let it detect the motherboard's current BIOS & right before it updates it with the new one, you remove the BIOS chip from the disfunctional motherboard, remove the BIOS chip from the working motherboard & set the corrupt BIOS chip in the motherboard that's running.

    You then flash the corrupt BIOS chip with a proper BIOS & once you've shutdown the system, you can simply swap back the proper BIOS chips to their respective motherboards. & if that works, never ever attempt to flash a BIOS again. :p
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    Thanks. Why do you think that the cmos won't reset? We need to pull the battery, pull the power cord, and reset the cmos jumpers, correct? I'm just trying to make sure that we are doing everything that we are supposed to.
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    Once you've flashed the motherboard's BIOS with a BIOS file that wasn't meant for it, it is corrupt. When you do a ClearCMOS, you reset the BIOS' options (fsb speed, memory timings, boot device order, etc.), you don't actually reset the BIOS to the factory version, that's why it won't help you in this case.
  5. ShannanCarlock

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    It's all good. I did what Didou said to do. I helps a lot that my Mom has the same set up that he does. We took care of it today and all is well! Thanks a million!! :giddy:

    Just for reference he was having a problem with his bios not recognizing his AGP slot at all. With the bios update I could turn the AGP slot on and we have his card working now. :slurp:
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