Help concerning multiple Xbox's on one router.

By Jinto
Dec 5, 2007
  1. I have problems keeping multiple Xbox 360 consoles online at once. Here is the situation.

    My brother and I love our 360's, and with Call of Duty 4 out we have been dying to play together to see who is better. . . . . the problem is we can't. You see when I turn my 360 on to sign into live it's fine. However, as soon as he signs in he boots me. When he is on live and I sign in, I boot him. We have tried so many different things in order to solve the problem, and just when we thought we have found a solution it fails. We assigned manual IP's and DNS's to our respective 360's and one of us is using the DMZ and the other using port rang forwarding for NAT. Although I am unsure whether we have put in the correct information or if this has much relevance to our situation at all. Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated.

    Some info:

    Router: Linksys WRT54G (Firmware Version: v1.02.2)
    Download Speed: 1237kbps
    Upload Speed: 320kbps

    Again, thank you.
  2. toy 121

    toy 121 TS Rookie

    have you tried playing on the same xbox, go to log on screen, click recover gamertag, and enter your gamertag and pass
  3. Jinto

    Jinto TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 49

    Are you asking if we tried playing on the same box via split screen? If so, that's not really what we are trying to accomplish.
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