Help Configuring ADSL Router / Gigabyte W-less and Zone Alarm Security Suite 2006

By jhaletama
Feb 7, 2006
  1. Good Morning All! Please excuse my ignorance but i am a bit of a noob to this net working stuff etc!

    Ok, i have a few problems that i would like to try and get some help with please!

    1. Me and my flatmate have a wirless network at home, the internet runs fine but niether of us can play games or share files with each other. Example, we fired up C&C Generals to play networked we can see each other in the game room but when we try to start the game it wont.

    2. I have a Dlink DSL-504G ADSL Router and zone alarm 2006 security suite. I am unsure of how to configure ports to be open or closed for various programs. Eg. i use Mirc but when it trys to connect it says Zone alarm has blocked the connection.

    3. I Have a Gigabyte Wireless card model GN-WPKG and my flat mate has a compaq notebook with a Broadcom wireless card. Both of these cards can do 54mbps but we only connect at 11mbps. any suggestions on how to speed this up? the 2 pc's would be all of 6-8 meters apart at any given time and only one wall to seperate them between 2 rooms.

    4. Can some one please explain static ip? and in my situation do i need to setup my network with this?

    Sorry to be such a nussance guys! but thanks for your help its greatly appreciated!
  2. gentoo

    gentoo TS Rookie

    Okay here goes. First off do you have windows firewall on? If so then you need to turn it off because you are using Zone Alarm. I am not familiar with Zone Alarm but it should be pretty much this way. To open a port for playing games you have to use port forwarding on the router. Make sure you pick a port that is not used by other services. Here is a link to the ports to use.
    Pick one that is unassigned. You may also have to set this in the game and in Zone Alarm.
    Static Addresses are manually assigned to the pc. If you are not using Static then you are using DHCP and the router automaticly gives you the IP address, subnet mask address,default gateway address, and the DNS addresses. If there is only two of you I would go with Static. Your Default Gateway is the IP Address of your router. It is normally Then you would assign yourself an address of, and your friend Your Subnet Mask should be and DNS Addresses you have to get from your ISP or you can look in the router config page and see what they are.
    If you have any question please fill free to ask. I hope this helps some what. No need to apologize for not knowing how to do this. Welcome to the networking world.
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