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By speersy · 4 replies
Aug 12, 2007
  1. hi i am installing a HD for a friend as there old one packed up started installing xp on it and all i am getting is a high and a low beep constantly sounding during format of the drive in xp setup. i have installed all the correct raid drivers so can't see it being that, it is an asus board but i am not sure which model (sorry) everything is working fine though so am a bit stuck as to why it is beeping anyone come across anything like this before?? this problem never happened before the HD packed up, there seems to be no problems writing or reading data from/to the HD.
  2. speersy

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    thanks for the quick reply looks as if it was don to the temperture of the cpu was setto alarm at 75 degrees and the temp was 75 degree so just notched t up to 80 degrees and the beeps haven't gone off since, thanks for the help though
  3. speersy

    speersy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yeah i do, i will do it after work tomorrow need sleep lol, although the temp doesn't go over 75 just hovers between 74 and 75, you think it still needs doing?
  4. speersy

    speersy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok m8 will do it tomorrow just to make sure thanks for the advice :grinthumb
  5. KingCody

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    that doesn't mean that everything is ok. you found the beeping problem, but you didn't fix it, you only put a band-aid over the problem. if the CPU is running at 75°C then you need to fix the issue before the CPU burns up. you never specified what CPU the computer has, but as a general rule of thumb anything over 65°C is dangerously hot.

    1. first make sure the CPU fan works.
    2. if the CPU fan works, then you may only need to blow the dust out of the heatsink.
    3. if that doesn't fix it then you'll have to remove the heatsink, clean both the CPU and HS with isopropyl alcohol, apply new thermal compound/paste to the CPU and re-mount the HS.

    after that the temps should be much, much lower. then you can set the alarm threshold back at 75°C, or lower ;)

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