Help..cpu Fan Will Not Stop

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Nov 11, 2006
  1. I am not that good with i am asking someone to please help me.....My computer is a typical emachine with a celeron d processor nothing special in it....everything stock....but recentley the fan in my computer will not stop i know it turns on when it gets hot but it is on all the time it is really loud and annoying. To help u better understand my situation...uuhh....when u first turn on your computer and it is booting up it sound kinda loud....weelll it is like that all the time and i dont know how to fix it...mabe there is some kind of program i could run to check if it is some kind of computer malfuncion or sumthing pleeaasee some 1 help

    Thanks for reading....
  2. b2bomber81

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    It's actually normal for your processor fan to run all the time. It's not like the fan in your car, where it only runs when it's hot. Your processor is constantly working, which means it's always hot. Your processor would heat up and go into meltdown fairly quickly if the fan stopped.

    Here's something you can do though to tackle the noise issue:
  3. N3051M

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    or you can replace the stock fan with some better quality stuff.. if you know what CPU & socket you have and how much space inside the case for the new one..
  4. Sean

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    Just stick a paperclip, or some object into the fan, that will solve your problem.
  5. mailpup

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    I'm not familiar with Emachines but if the BIOS can detect CPU temperatures, try checking them. If they are too high, that would explain the high fan speed. Then the problem is how to lower the temperature. But before we go there, one thing at a time.
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