HELP - CPU / Mobo or What ?!

By ernci
Sep 13, 2005
  1. Over the last week iv slowly been getting a PC together. Admitidly iv never made a PC, but I thought I had enough knowledge! maybe not....

    Basically the LED on the MOBO lights up, the PSU and CPU fans spin, but there is no output, or beeping - if I put the HD in it goes crazy spinning (both CD and HD on seperate IDE's set to masters) so they're currently unplugged.

    Iv put the speaker into the right connections - im 99.9% sure - checked it many times - expected some beeps if there were any errors.

    It's a K8V Asus MOBO and a 3500 AMD 64 chip - both 939, have a 512 stick of DDR400 and bought a Radeon 9250 (Sapphire) Graphics card.

    But no graphical or sound output! just lorra fans - ideal for the summer :(.

    Please could you tell me where iv gone wrong, or how I could find out, or any main bullet points of things I should check up?

    I would be very grateful :)
  2. ernci

    ernci TS Rookie Topic Starter

    no probs

    nm I sorted it now! so yer... :giddy:
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