Help: CPU turns on but monitor doesn't

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Sep 1, 2003
  1. Hey guys, I've built my computer and the motherboard (ASUS A7N8X Deluxe, 2.08 Athlon 2800+ chip) turns on and gives power to the hard drives, but the monitor doesn't turn on. The one problem that I can think of is that my motherboard doesn't recognize the video card I put in it and since the motherboard doesn't have an onboard VGA slot, I don't know how I can get the monitor to turn on. Any ideas?
  2. StormBringer

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    doesn't have onboard VGA slot?? I'm not sure what was meant by that statement, so I'll just run throught some basic things to check and some additional info you need to provide.

    What is the rating of the Powersupply you are using in the machine. Wattage as well as rail current ratings are important.
    what are the full specs of the system?
    Is the video card well seated in the AGP slot?
    Is the monitor cable properly connected?

    Without having that additional info, its difficult to go any further
  3. mickeybryant

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    This sounds just like the problem i had on 4 "DIFFERENT" systems. 2 systems were desktops, and 2 were BOOKPC's. All 4 had ATX power supplies (or mini ATX power supplys). I found that they had blown cap. inside. ( for non techies. the Capatiors are the tall blue towers and if they have white stuff comming out or the top popped off or puffed up. they are probally bad.). When I replaced the power supplys the systems worked fine.

    If you have a spair power supply, hook it to the mother board to see if this is the same problem.
  4. Dantrag

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    it could be that theres some thermal paste on the cpu thats shorting it have check or check if there arnt any bent pins on the cpu
  5. Steg

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    When u turn the machine on does the bios give one short beep? or none at all?

  6. conradguerrero

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    a ASUS A7N8X Deluxe mobo will have two LED lights on the mobo a green one near the bottom and a red one near the agp slot when the computer is plugged in the green light should be on and the red light should be off... if the red light is off u need to get a 8x agp card.
    this is in the manual; however, it is not easy to spot
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