help!!! ctrl+alt+del problems and more!!!

By fooseballmn
Mar 5, 2007
  1. hi, so after going thru an enormously bad time with my computer i had someone reinstall a new version of windows xp after my other version chose to not work properly and gave me the windows xp loading screen of death... not i thought i had my computer back and running porperly however i am having probelms still, when i press ctrl+alt+del nothing happenes other than my scren flashes and the window does not appear so i can end taks or anything, why is this.. also my computer tells me that some files are missing to random programs i have, i have tried re-installing them and still the same problems. Lastly my compouter will not complete the windows updates, it tells me i ned updates i already have and wont stop tryin to download them.. please help!!!
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