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Help disabling a onboard graphics called SIS Mirage 2

By ZeroXGundam
Apr 27, 2005
  1. Hi.

    I have a HP Pavilion a810n. It runs on AMD Athlon and its supposed to have 512MB RAM but due to the bloody SIS Mirage 2 "integrated Graphics" that uses 128 MB RAM, the system says it only uses 384. I decided to install a new Graphic PCI card GeForce 440. I put it in, then after installing the newest driver it worked perfect, so I disabled the SIS Display Adapter and something else related to that called "SIS Accelerated Graphics Port" (which made the SIS Display adapter "disappear") but the computer still says 384mb RAM. I went to BIOS and I did NOT find anything related to the onboard graphics except that instead of 128mb now it only uses 32 (which makes the computer run on 480mb RAM)

    What I want to do is to disable the onboard graphics so that the computer can run in 512MB RAM like it is supposed to be.

    This are the options in the Advanced tab of BIOS:

    Plug and Play OS - Yes
    Reset Configuration Data - No
    Primary Video Adapter - PCI (Instead of AGP/Onboard)
    PS/2 Mouse - Auto Detect
    Onboard 1394 - Enabled
    Onboard Lan - Enabled
    Onboard LAN Boot ROM - Disabled
    SATA Adapter - Enabled
    Onboard Video Memory Size - 32 MB (Instead of the original 128 mb)
    Onboard Audio - Auto

    I tried by disabling 1394, and nothing happened. Then I disabled SATA Adapter, and nothing happened. HP Support says that in this menu there should be a option that says Onboard Video but, as you can see, there isn't. (this is the newest BIOS as I bought this computer like 5 months ago.)

    Thank You Very Much
  2. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783

    Laptop or Desktop?

    If desktop, try and find the bloody jumper that can disable the onboard video

  3. ZeroXGundam

    ZeroXGundam TS Rookie Topic Starter


    its a desktop. I'll try to find a jumper, but, how does it look like?
    and if I take the jumper out, will I be able to put it on again so that it works again just in case the graphic card stops working?

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