HELP Disk Crash in XP, Trying to recover

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Feb 10, 2005
  1. apparently running a defragand reducing old restore points brought on the BSOD. Nothing short of reloading XP got past the BSOD. Unfortunately many, many files are scrambled, lost.

    Downloaded a recover tool (Handy recovery) anyone have something else they recommend?

    Really aren't sure what's lost, about 2/3 of programs in startup are gone, trying to determine whether it is just shortcuts, or actual applications missing.

    Anyway get this annoying message on SP start that the "paging" file is too small with instructions to configure. I've gone in through system/performance/advanced etc, etc and it's always a 0 byte file. I've set to custom settings, I've set to system configure and it never seems to set up a paging file. system is running slowly and am wondering whether its (1) messed up registry and application fragments (2) HD is still flaky or (3) excessive paging and thus would like to slowly eliminate these issues.

    Anyone with advice on getting the paging file to "stay" configured??
  2. tbrunt3

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    First welcome to TECH SPOT

    What you need to do is supply us with computer specs , what kind of computer you have only thing we know is you os ..We need this to help you..

    As for your paging files right click my computer/go to advanced/proformance settings/go to v-memory/ higlight your os drive /slect custom size in box place this.. 768 on top 1536 on bottom press set botton then press ok..

    If you are trying to recover your files Knoppix will work but u need a a second cdrom to burn stuff too or a usb hdd.. There is a program called ultimate boot cd that has a recovery program on it as well as HAriens boot cd

    YOu can get ultimate boot cd from here

    let us know
  3. tmy023

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    Additional Information

    System is a Dell Dimension 4400, 512 meg ram, 2 gig mhz P4. 2 HD's, the 40 that came with is and a 128 added later.

    Have tried numerous times the "settings/performance/system/advanced, etc, etc, etc" to set paging file. Have tried both custom and "system configure", and then hit SET and APPLY, it doesn't work. As soon as I reboot, the system says there is no paging file and that the system has created one upon boot.

    When I go into that set up box at the bottom it says the size of the current paging file is 0 bytes, but if I look at the system performance monitor in task manager, it says it's about 145meg
  4. tbrunt3

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    Does this come with a full xp disk or the dell version ( restore ) YOu might have to reformatt again if it is not taking the settings before you go that route make a new user account alll your system settings are stored there after you make the new account us that one it will ask to keep old desktop and docments say yes... and deleate your old one but you new one has to be a ADMIN account if the existing one now is.. try this first let us know
  5. tmy023

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    Tried creating new admin success

    Thanksf for the advice....when I established a new account, it never asked if I wanted to move/retain settings, only the security level (administrator) for the new account. I set it up annway, logged in and tried to extablish a page file and had the same results.

    Anything in registry I can monkey with before reformatting??
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